What to expect and what is expected of you.

What to expect;

  • Two hours with us - 4-6pm
  • An hour of fun, games and craft activities that you select from around 12 options - so please don’t wear your best clothes.
  • A short time of celebration, including a time of singing, listening and a short time of prayer.
  • A simple meal for everyone
  • A time to celebrate birthdays and some information about future events
  • That each Messy Church will be a bit different - in Summer more outdoor games, different crafts, sometimes a sandwich tea.

We will with your permission take photographs that we can share as we have our celebration time and some will be posted show on this website to remember our time together

What not to expect:

  • Its not posh - its messy
  • We don't expect you to pay
  • We don't expect your children do things away from you or get looked after for a while - Messy Church is for the whole family
  • We don't expect you to behave a certain way
  • We don't expect you to know the words of songs
  • We don't expect you to belong to a church or go on Sunday mornings