Messy Olympics - at Redgate School

Phil Cappa with girl and torchOn Sunday15th July 2012, Messy Church Formby spent the afternoon at the Messy Olympics! With our very own Olympic torchbearer, Phil Cappa, to get us in the competitive mood, we worked hard to achieve our Messy Decathlon of activities. “Inspire a generation” or as Jesus said “Love God and love each other”

What has the Olympics got to do with Jesus?
At the London Olympics each sport will have competitors taking part from all over the world who have been preparing for this very moment—the time to win! They will have been training for years, focusing on their own specialist sport. They enter what they are equipped for and hope to win a gold medal.

Why have all the competitors trained so hard for the Olympic Games? To win an Olympic medal of course. In the Bible Paul talks about the Christian life being like a race. Paul wants us all to race as Christians, but also he wants us to win something. He wants us to win the prize that is Jesus and heaven.

Girl making a winner's wreath.In the very early days of the Olympic Games the winner received a wreath made from olive leaves. The wreath was made like a crown to wear on the head, and the winners would take them home and watch them fade and wither and die. Paul tells us that the prize we are racing for would be a much greater prize. It would last forever.

Paul was talking to the people of Corinth, who all knew about the Isthmian Games which took place every two years in Corinth. Although smaller than the Olympic Games, they were extremely popular. The winners received crown wreaths made from celery and later pine.

Boy trying to throw a ball into the Olympic ringsPaul wants us to train hard and be disciplined in our Christian lives. God gives each of us the strength we need to finish the race and win it well. We can pray and worship. We can read the Bible. We can do these things well, not half-heartedly. God helps us to focus on the winning line. He wants us to do well in preparation, training and running the race. He doesn’t want us to start and falter or quit. So let’s run the race for Jesus!

The Activities
Make your trainers
Girl colouring in a picture of a trainerEvery athlete needs the right kit. What has God given you as “the right kit” for your race through life here?

We coloured in a trainer and then wrote a short prayer asking God to keep us safe on the race track to the winning line—Jesus.

girls playing pea footballPenalty challenge – “Minute to Win It! Goal-scoring challenge. A straw, a dried pea and a stopwatch!




Sailing on the Olympic paddingly poolMake your own dinghy to sail on our own Olympic lake (paddling pool!), using your own wind power!





Edible Torch
Making an Olympic torchThis activity involved using an Ice cream cone with a fairy cake pushed in the top which we then decorated with red/orange/yellow icing or toppings. These looked fab and tasted great too.



Create a catapult
Girls making a catapultWe created catapults using newspaper, tape, elastic bands and a plastic spoon. A slightly fiddly job but once put together correctly these catapults worked extremely well. We cleasrly have some budding engineers amongst our Messy church goers!.


Winner's Wreath:
Boy making winner;s wreathWith pipe-cleaners, leaves and flowers, we created a wreath just like the winners were given in the early Olympics.





The worship
Rachel with ScruffyAfter an hour of activities, we began our time of celebration and worship. Scruffy, the puppet, joined us and helped Rachel talk about the Olympics and how it relates to Jesus. There was plenty of singing and dancing and we ended with a time of prayer

After the worship, we tucked in to a sandwich tea followed by an assortment of delicious cakes! During the supper we were able to enjoy a special time of fellowship which included birthday celebrations and lots of chat.


Messy church worshipIf you would like to join us at Messy church, then the next one is at Ravenmeol's on 16th September 2012 and then again at Regate School on Sunday 14th October. Why not come and join the fun.