Messy Christmas - at Redgate School

Children recreating the nativity sceneOn Sunday 16th December, Messy Church Formby spent the afternoon celebrating Messy Christmas. All the activities were based on elements of the story of Jesus' birth.

The Activities

Making a starStars
Using silver card and sparkly jewels the we made stars to represent the star over Bethlethem. We attached ribbon to them so that they could be hung on a Christmas tree at home.

Making a donkeyDonkeys
We cut out a shape of a donkey in card and then decoarted it with different wool. The donkey carried Mary all the way to Bethlehem.

Making a sheepSheep
We made sheep with cotton wool and wobbly eyes to represent the sheep being looked after by the shepherds who saw the angels.

Girl with angelThe Angels
We made paper angels to hang on our trees at home. Angels appear several times in the nativity story.

Boy and mother making a crownCrowns for the Kings
We decorated paper crowns with jewels to represent the kings which came to see baby Jesus in the stable.

Girl decorating a biscuitDecorating biscuits
We decorated biscuits with sugar paste and coloured balls to represent presents given to the baby Jesus.

Boy and mother making a table decoratingTable Decorations
We made table deorations to show that Jesus is the light of the world

Girl and father making a heartHearts
We made hearts to hang on our trees to show that God loves us

Children opening boxesThe Worship
After an hour of activities, we began our time of celebration and worship. Caroline led the worship and had everyone capivated by a large pile of beautifully wrapped boxes. In each box was an item made during the craft section and when they were all put together they made the nativity scene. We sang carols and the Christmas story was told with several children dressed up as the different characters.

Unwrapping the baby Jesus After the worship, we tucked in to a sandwich tea followed by an assortment of delicious cakes! During the supper we were able to enjoy a special time of fellowship which included birthday celebrations and lots of chat.