Messy Harvest @ Redgate School!

Girl and lady with water braceletMessy Church Formby launched at Redgate Primary School on 18th July 2010. The theme was a Messy Holiday and what fun we had!

An enthusiastic team of helpers set up the art and craft stations, made the sandwiches, organised the puppet show, prepared the worship and prayed for a good turn out. At 4 o'clock the doors opened and we welcomed young and old alike to the first Messy Church at Redgate.

Photo of boy playing table footballWe were thrilled to see a steady stream of people eager to try Messy Church. The activities, linked to the theme of holidays, included decorating gingerbread men, postcard making, fishing for prayers, sand pictures, making water bracelets, free play, lego, indoor and outdoor penalty shoot outs and making boats. It was a messy business and what great fun!

Girl making sand picture.

Boy with father fishing for a prayer fish.


Family playing football

After an hour of craft we moved into the worship room where members of the Messy Team introduced a colourful cast of puppets who sang and danced for us.

Puppets with their puppeteers.

Later on some of our younger Messy Church children got the chance to meet the puppets. Although at first the puppets were quite shy, the children soon made friends with them.

Little girl meeting the puppetsContinuing the theme of a Messy Holiday, we had a story about Jesus taking a holiday. The story told how when Jesus took a day off to rest and enjoy himself, he worried that he had wasted that day. God reasssured him that he had not because he had celebrated God by enjoying his creations.

A time of prayer followed where we thanked God for all the wonderful things we do and see whilst on holiday.

Lively action song during Messy worship

The worship and celebration was brought to a close with a lively action song led by Andy and Lizzie from the Messy Team followed by the Messy Grace.

Finally when we returned to the hall a scrumptious picnic was waiting for us. So you see Messy Church at Redgate was a lively. messy and fun way to worship and celebrate God. Join us next time for a Messy harvest!